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Our Clients, Families and Staff tell the rest of the story.

If you are a client or family member of a client, and are interested in sharing your story, please reach out to your Service Coordinator. No achievement is too small, and we would love to celebrate you!

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Talented Woodturner

Richard is a 26 year old man that likes things that spin.  In fact, his mom Cathy says he’s obsessed with spinning.  She and her husband have helped to focus their son’s fascination into a skill that has brought him both success and pleasure; he’s a woodturner. It started as a high school student in Texas when, having little success with the school’s effort to develop meaningful activities for him, his mom came up with the idea to provide him with training in a creative way.



Business Owner

Cale grew up in a supportive, hard-working family and had a dream of starting his own company, just like his grandpa did.  He had watched him grow a small dry cleaning business from one shop to four over the years which influenced Cale in his developing years.