Board of Directors


Our policies and major financial decisions are made by a volunteer Board of Directors whose members include individuals with developmental disabilities, family members, and leaders in our community. Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) provides training and support for Board members on a regular basis to facilitate their overall effectiveness in governance and oversight as well as their understanding and participation in planning, policy making, and support for the accomplishment of ACRC’s mission.  

Alta’s Board of Directors meets six times per year.  No meetings are held in February, April, June, August, October or December.  Meetings are open to the public and are normally held at the Sacramento office of the Regional Center which is located at 2241 Harvard Street, Suite 100, Sacramento CA 95815. Please call in advance to confirm date, time, and location of Board Meetings. For more information, contact Lisa West at 916-978-6245.


ACRC Strategic Plan

2022 - 2025

To Our ACRC Family,

Community inclusion and engagement is the hallmark of Alta California Regional Center. Thank you to all that participated in creating this three-and-a-half-year strategic plan. Your input from the client & family survey, as well as your participation in various meetings throughout the year, has helped to create this plan.
The Strategic Plan includes the following four Strategic Focus Areas:


Recruiting Volunteer Members for the Board of Directors

Help Lead ACRC

ACRC’s Governing Board is comprised of ACRC clients, parents, and community members.  Our Board represents people in a large and very diverse community that includes the following ten Northern California Counties:  Sutter, Yuba, Yolo, Alpine, Sierra, Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, Nevada, and Colusa.

General information

Board Member Pledge

As a Board Member I pledge…

  • To treat each member as an equal, respecting their opinions, personality, culture, diversity and experience.
  • I will listen to all comments, questions and opinions with an open mind.
  • I will maintain a high level of confidentiality and will concentrate on the issues at hand.
  • I will place service above self, focusing on my charge as a Board Member to implement the vision and mission of the regional center to provide quality supports and services to our consumers.

As a Board, we agree…

  • to speak with one voice, instilling honesty, integrity, openness, commitment and dedication to duty in each member.
  • We will come to the Board with a positive attitude and create a safe haven for open discussion.
  • As a Board, we will continue to strive for excellence, mentoring each other and becoming an active partner in the Alta California Regional Center community, state and nation.

Contact the Board

Please email to contact the Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) Board of Directors. We encourage you to work through your service coordinator or other ACRC staff member, when possible, in order to facilitate a prompt resolution to your issue. However, please feel free to contact the Board at any time. Your concern, comment or question will receive a prompt response.