Our Testimonials


Thank You Allison!

Dear Allison,

Thank you so much for giving us that website [for Covid-19 vaccination scheduling]! Julie did great! They were so nice, let us sit in the table and chairs cabinet – the nurse tried 3 times and Julie calmed down [afterwards] and got some Doritos. The shot went great! Pat was a big help! Thank you again,  thanks for everyone you help, you are fabulous!!

Sincerely, Laura


Thank You to Executive Staff

Good news! Megan and I got our second dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine today. Safeway called this afternoon and said they had two doses available if we wanted them. I want to thank you and the executive staff for all of your help to get us where we needed to be.


A Thank You for the Vaccination Clinic

Sam and I were both able to get our first doses of the Moderna vaccine this afternoon, and I am so grateful. The whole operation was beautifully run, and we were in and out in half an hour. The folks giving the injections were polite and friendly! Having ACRC facilitate this made this so much easier for our family, and really took one big worry off my list! – Candace, Mom.


Thanks for Listening

Dear Denise, Thank you for checking on us during the COVID-19 lockdown. It is always great to have a listening ear and someone to point us to the resources that are available in the community. The respite hours have been invaluable for us when school and community activities have been shut down. The respite hours were especially helpful as they provided me with some time that I could focus on getting work done at home. I also appreciate how you keep us informed of the activities in the community.


Self-Determination Program Success!

“I finished the process for the Self-Determination Program (SDP)! I just want to give a huge compliment to two amazing women who helped me with my Person-Centered Plan for SDP, Rachael and Sam. They both was amazing and worked as a team to finish the SDP. Rachael have been really great of making my plan look amazing – she is very smart! I recommend Rachael, if anybody wants to move forward! I really LOVE working with Rachael and Sam, they both are so amazing, patient, and are so positive. Now I have confidence in myself!


New Activity Chair

Alta California Regional Center and especially Jessica were such an incredible help in getting a new activity chair for my son, Nico. Jessica was responsive, caring, and very professional. My son is dependent upon his activity chair not just to participate in activities, but also for feeding. As a result, having a well-fitted chair is a safety issue for him.