Am I Eligible?

ACRC serves people of all ages with developmental disabilities including high-risk infants, infants with a significant developmental delay or an established risk for developmental disability.

If you think you, your child, or someone you know may be at risk for or may have a developmental disability, please review this information and contact our regional center.

Applying for Services and Intake Process



Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) is part of a service delivery system established by the Lanterman Act that works in partnership with clients and their families, vendors who provide services, advocacy groups and state and federal agencies. 

The goal of regional center services is to provide quality services and supports that address an individuals’ unique strengths and needs and enable them to live independent, productive and satisfying lives as active members of their community.



The State of California has determined there are some circumstances in which families may be required to pay a fee or share of cost for services received through the regional centers.