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There is an English and Spanish translation of the Lanterman Act available on the Department of Developmental Services website. The Lanterman Act is an important law that’s been in effect since 1969 in California that outlines and protects the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. 

Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act
A Consumer's Guide to the Lanterman Act

Caseload Ratios


Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) is seeking your input about our caseload ratios. A caseload ratio measures the number of clients assigned to one Service Coordinator. ACRC’s caseload ratios have been too high in some areas. This means, in some cases, too many clients are sharing a single Service Coordinator.

Of the six caseload ratio categories, ACRC met the ratio in three categories: 

Performance Contract – Requesting Community Input


ACRC is requesting community input to develop new planned activities that aide in the progress of meeting the policy measures for our 2024 Performance Contract.  Welfare & Institutions Statue 4629 (c)(1)(B) requires community engagement opportunities and we are seeking your ideas and feedback.

Public Comment Period on Potential Updates to Data Collection Categories


The Department of Developmental Services continues to work to strengthen accessibility, quality, and equity for all individuals served by regional centers. 

They are asking for your comments by the end of April 2024 about possible updates to the information collected about race, ethnicity, language, residence and status codes, and sexual orientation and gender identity. Visit their website to learn more about submitting a comment.


Let Your Voice Be Heard


Don’t forget to participate in the National Core Indicators (NCI) Family Surveys until June 2024 (ver el folleto en español)! These surveys evaluate the services and supports you and your family member receive through your regional center and service providers. The surveys address topics like:

ACRC Strategic Plan


To Our ACRC Family,

Community inclusion and engagement is the hallmark of Alta California Regional Center. Thank you to all that participated in creating this three-and-a-half-year strategic plan. Your input from the client & family survey, as well as your participation in various meetings throughout the year, has helped to create this plan.
The Strategic Plan includes the following four Strategic Focus Areas:

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