Lucy may only be 2, but she is strong! When her parents first started noticing signs of delay, they were naturally worried. With the right help and Lucy’s positive personality, she has been making improvements despite her disability.

When Lucy was born, her parents were elated! However, Lucy had noticeable complications and her parents felt at a loss on what to do. At 6 months old, she was unable to keep any food down and her motor skills were not developing. Lucy’s mom, Allison, decided it was time to seek additional help. Lucy began physical therapy once a month and although she was making minor improvements, she needed more? frequent therapy. Once they reached out to a neurologist for a diagnosis, they learned that Lucy has Cerebral Palsy. From there, they could work together as a family and with a team of professionals to provide Lucy the help she needed.

At first, her parents felt guilty for not catching the issue sooner. Allison has a professional background in education for children with special needs, and felt she should be able to notice when a child isn’t “developing typically.” Wracked with grief and guilt, they knew they had to continue on and envision a bright future for Lucy. Learning her diagnosis was relieving because they could seek the appropriate help and understand how to be advocates for Lucy.

Like all parents, they wanted to provide Lucy with the best life possible. Lucy showed them that she was going to make this happen. Even at 2 years old, she is the epitome of persistence and dedication. At 20 months old she began walking, and from that point on she has been on the move! Lucy is an extremely bubbly and strong little girl. She is eating and holding down her food, walking, and showing off her infectious smile.

With every improvement, her parents can’t help but feel proud. Each moment feels like a milestone and it reminds them to not take any of it for granted. They look forward to the weekly meetings they have because it gives them something new to try and to explore. One of their favorite activities they have learned from their physical therapist is a game that allows Lucy to work her muscles and challenge her. They turn all of their couch cushions into a trampoline of sorts, and Lucy gets to climb over them and jump on them. Every time Lucy’s parents do this activity with her, they see what is challenging about it but they also see their daughter growing and taking the time to problem solve, never backing down from the physical difficulties.

Lucy’s parents want her to be happy and unburdened, but as they see her personality blossom and her strength develop, they can be comforted by the fact that Lucy already is happy and unburdened. Her disability is a challenge, but not an impediment to life. With every passing day they know Lucy is strong and will have the beautiful life she deserves.