Become a Service Provider


If you are interested in becoming a service provider for Alta California Regional Center, please download (first) and complete the Letter of Interest and email it to Please review the list of service needs in our catchment area. These have been identified as priorities in resource development. Also, please review our Request for Proposals (RFP) Request for Proposals (RFP) for other area needs.

Once the Letter of Interest Form has been received, you will be assigned to a Community Services and Supports Specialist depending on the proposed service. Your Community Services and Supports Specialist will reach out to you to explain next steps. They will assist you throughout the vendorization process.

Please note a service provider must have an office within Alta California Regional Center’s Catchment area. If you are a new provider to our area, the expectation would be for an office in our catchment area to be secured prior to the end of vendorization.