Mom and Self-Advocate


Peggy is a single mom on a mission to improve her life and her children’s lives. She has overcome tremendous difficulties, from unsafe relationships to financial turmoil. Despite it all, she has shown with perseverance, she can achieve her goals.

Peggy struggled with finding balance in her life. Anywhere  she turned, she faced tense or abusive relationships. She was married to an emotionally, physically, and financially abusive man. Needing  to escape that stressful situation, she moved in with her parents and sister, but her sister made home life difficult too. Peggy realized the best way to find balance in her life was by moving herself and her two boys, ages 4 and 5, into their own place where they could focus on building  their lives.

When a goal is set, Peggy will achieve it. She got her own apartment and has been in the process of decorating it toturn it into a cozy home for her family. With the help of Independent Living Skills (ILS) at PRIDE, Peggy has learned valuable life skills that have helped her transition to single mom life. In addition to PRIDE, Passport to Learning has been instrumental in her success as a mother. Her instructor assists her in making schedules and routines and teaches appropriate  parent approaches. Cooking, cleaning, and decorating has made her home into a safe haven. Some of her favorite meals to cook are Mexican food.

One of Peggy’s goal was to get her finances in order, especially after learning of the financial abuse she suffered from her ex-husband. With the knowledge her father passed on to her about budgeting  and saving, Peggy has been saving to purchase a car. In the meantime, she is in the process of learning bus routes and schedules so she has access to transportation.       

To pass time, Peggy enjoys painting her nails and creating intricate braiding styles on her hair. She loves sharing her hair creations on social media. She feels pride for the life she created  herself,  and is so happy that she has a safe home for herself and her children.