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The AWESOME - Mobile

Scouting has always been a part of Jon’s life.  His mom, Kitty, was the leader for his older sister Amanda’s Girl Scout troop so he was always present when the meetings were held at their home. One day when he was young, he decided he’d had enough of the girl stuff and asked, “Mom, can we have a Girl Scout troop, but with ALL BOYS?”  He was happy to learn there was such a thing as Boy Scouts!  



Active and Hard Working

Jennifer, a 23 year-old regional center client, recently participated in the Project Search internship at Kaiser while a student at Laurel Ruff School.  Jennifer interned in the operating room, lab, and intensive care unit.  She was given clearance for special access areas of the hospital and was able to watch operations. 

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Talented Woodturner

Richard is a 26 year old man that likes things that spin.  In fact, his mom Cathy says he’s obsessed with spinning.  She and her husband have helped to focus their son’s fascination into a skill that has brought him both success and pleasure; he’s a woodturner. It started as a high school student in Texas when, having little success with the school’s effort to develop meaningful activities for him, his mom came up with the idea to provide him with training in a creative way.



Business Owner

Cale grew up in a supportive, hard-working family and had a dream of starting his own company, just like his grandpa did.  He had watched him grow a small dry cleaning business from one shop to four over the years which influenced Cale in his developing years.