Our Stories


Our Clients, Families and Staff tell the rest of the story.

If you are a client or family member of a client, and are interested in sharing your story, please reach out to your Service Coordinator. No achievement is too small, and we would love to celebrate you!



Advocate and Parent

Reyva is soon to be a graduate of Sacramento State with a Bachelor’s degree in Social  Work, a mother and an advocate for herself and for her daughters. Despite a tumultuous upbringing and becoming disabled at the age of 4 months, Reyva always felt motivated to prove to herself that she is capable and can achieve all of her goals. Now, she is excited to begin her career and be a role model for herself and for others.



Filmmaker and Director

Crystal realized she had an interest in film early on. In high school, she went to the Sacramento Film Festival and fell in love with filmmaking. She would rent books on screenwriting and teach herself how to write for movies. She always had an active imagination, and she puts it to use through her writing.



Thriving and Growing

When Xavier’s parents, Samantha and Thomas, received his post-natal diagnosis of Down Syndrome, they were worried. The initial expectations every parent has for their child melted away. The primary concern was Xavier’s  health; he was born 3 weeks early and was sent to the NIC-U  to be provided early care.  




Maria is an accomplished athlete and student. She loves to attend sporting events and show off her skills on and off the field. Maria enjoys hanging out with her family and improving her knowledge regarding sports.



Lucy may only be 2, but she is strong! When her parents first started noticing signs of delay, they were naturally worried. With the right help and Lucy’s positive personality, she has been making improvements despite her disability.



Comic Book Artist and Creator

 Jason is a naturally artistic person with a mind designed for creativity. He has created characters, designed t-shirts, and is even developing a comic book! Jason is ambitious and goal-driven, spending most of his time developing and perfecting his passions. He persevered through the difficulties of having expressive and receptive language disorder and Autism, finding a way that works for him to not only create and express himself, but also generate income and build a business.



Child Model

Being a parent always brings a sense of joy, and for Kristal it brought double when she learned she was pregnant with twins! However, it wasn’t until she gave birth to her premature girls, Ariel and Katalina, that she learned that Ariel has Down Syndrome. Kristal’s labor was a tumultuous experience, so when she was told about Ariel’s disability, she had to cope with the difficulties that lay ahead. Despite the complications of having a child with Down Syndrome, what they gained was a new world filled with possibilities.



Volunteer and Teacher

Steven is a well-rounded person who enjoys spending his time volunteering for committees, teaching children about disabilities, and watching movies. He is an articulate individual and advocates for people with developmental disabilities. Despite living in the midst of a pandemic, Steven maintains a positive outlook on life and is patiently waiting to decide what his future has in store while maintain his membership with committees at Alta California Regional Center (ACRC).



Animator and Artist

Collin is a fun-loving, charismatic person with a beaming smile. He is also an artist and animator, creating content that is wholesome, educational, and entertaining. His goal in life is to help make the world a brighter and more positive place with animation videos he posts on his YouTube Channel. He created his channel in early 2012 and has grown his audience to over 22,000 subscribers. His dedication to animation is proven by his continued desire to learn more about the technique of animating and to apply his creative ability to his work.



Making Positive Changes

Overcoming addiction in the face of pressure is difficult, but Emily made that possible through her resiliency, benevolent personality, and determination to overcome tough obstacles. Now she is a thriving adult, happy with her job and the social circles she is a part of. She is spiritual, a costume jewelry collector, and she knows what she wants in life. Before she became the confident person she is today, Emily needed to grow and learn that the life she was living isn’t the life she wants.


James and Cindy

National Pet Week

James is an avid lover of animals and believes in helping animals big and small. As a child, he grew up on a farm and was surrounded by animals, finding friends in furry creatures. When he met his dog, Cindy, at the local animal shelter he volunteered at, it was love at first sight and they have been inseparable for 10 years.



Training Manager

Herman is Alta California Regional Center’s new Training Manager. He began his career as a social worker with the regional center system in 1997 at Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC). During his time with GGRC he worked with clients who had recently transitioned from state developmental centers to the community. He also had the opportunity to work briefly with the infant to three-year-old population in the Early Start Program. Herman moved to the Sacramento area in 2001 and joined Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) working with clients transitioning from youth to adulthood.



California State University - Sacramento Student

Many dream of going to college and living on their own, enjoying all that campus life has to offer. Randy, a senior at California State University – Sacramento (Sac State), has made that dream possible. Like other college students, Randy is focused on achieving academic success, considering his career options after he graduates, enjoying life on campus, and attending social events and parties. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Communications, with one year left before he graduates in 2021.



Client Services Manager

Kristin began her career at Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) in 1998 as a Service Coordinator in the Early Start program, which focuses on providing early intervention services for families with a child with a developmental delay or established risk or high-risk condition, from birth up until their third birthday. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and her Master’s degree in Social Work, providing the technical knowledge necessary to effectively help our clients.


Emily, Ryan, Caden, and Audrey

A Seat at the Table Books

There is something to be learned from the youth of today. Caden, a young boy who views being autistic as another way of being human, doesn’t let his youthfulness stop him from educating the community around him. Caden is very honest and immensely welcoming to those around him, especially if he can sense something “different” about a person. Being autistic has increased his empathy and his awareness, allowing him to identify and connect with others who have neurodiverse minds.


Mike and Natalie

Seamstresses and Community Advocates

Mike and Natalie are highly creative and driven individuals. They have worked at Developmental Disabilities Service Organization (DDSO) part-time since the early 2010’s. DDSO is a nonprofit organization based in Sacramento and Stockton which annually provides 400 adults with disabilities the opportunity to receive job training, gain employment, learn about physical education, and express themselves through visual and performing arts. Their welcoming and charismatic personalities help them communicate with students and employees alike at DDSO.


John and Vanessa

Founders of Fly Brave

John and his mother, Vanessa, have together strived to impact the community through social and fitness programs and employment training with their organization, Fly Brave. John is a long-distance runner, and has non-verbal Autism. He was diagnosed at the age of 2 – when Vanessa was only 22. As a young single mother, she had to manage challenges (such as feelings of isolation and uncertainty) of having a child with special needs. Vanessa says she and John “grew up together,” because of her youthfulness and maturity levels when she had John.



Service Coordinator

Paula is a long-standing Service Coordinator at Alta California Regional Center (ACRC). With over 23 years of experience, her knowledge of the service delivery system is monumental. She has made an immense impact on the lives of her clients and the community by educating them about developmental disabilities and the services available for those with a disability. Paula began her career at ACRC because she was interested in working with clients and navigating the challenges that might arise, based on their needs.



Service Coordinator

Gail has worked as a Service Coordinator for adult clients of Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) for four months. While her tenure at ACRC may be short, Gail’s experience in the service delivery system is extensive, having served as a provider for people with developmental disabilities prior to coming to ACRC. Her journey to the Regional Center system began in college, while working towards a Bachelor’s in History. After graduating, she wanted to educate and teach. She hoped to positively impact people’s lives and was actively looking for a way to use her skills.


David Lopez

Client Advocate

David Lopez is a charismatic individual who is well respected throughout Alta California Regional Center (ACRC). In addition to being a client of ACRC, he holds a position on the Executive Management Team (EMT) as the Client Advocate. David has served as a full-time employee for 22 years, recently celebrating his employee anniversary on January 2. The role of Client Advocate provides him the opportunity to work with and educate clients, Service Providers, and Service Coordinators on Client’s Rights and the functions of a Regional Center.