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Our Clients, Families and Staff tell the rest of the story.

If you are a client or family member of a client, and are interested in sharing your story, please reach out to your Service Coordinator. No achievement is too small, and we would love to celebrate you!



Service Coordinator

Keely started at Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) as a Service Coordinator in April 2018. Prior to her employment at ACRC, Keely worked with migrant families in schools, providing counseling to help children pursue higher education. She made the transition to ACRC because she witnessed the obstacles her own family faced while raising her two nephews who are blind and Autistic. Keely was motivated to offer help not only to her family, but other families as well.


Story Grace

How her life changed with Whole Story Meals™

As a single mother with five children, four boys and a girl who is disabled, Autumn found it demanding to live an active lifestyle. She was going through a difficult divorce, and needed a way to decompress and get her children engaged in an activity they could all participate in. However, her daughter, Story Grace, imposed significant physical limitations that required consideration. Story Grace is a nonverbal, legally deaf and blind five-year-old, who is tube-fed her meals. She functions much like a six-month old, depending on her mother to carry and care for her.


Dr. Wardinsky

Staff Physician

Dr. Wardinsky has been dedicated to serving the members of the disabled community for 50 years as a Pediatrician and Genetic/Congenital Defect consultant. He started his career at ALTA California Regional Center (ACRC) 25 years ago as Clinical Director and currently holds the position of Staff Physician providing medical consultation to Service Coordinators and clients. Dr. Wardinsky has always had a strong interest in providing care for people with Intellectual Disabilities and chronic illnesses.



Fitness Inspiration

Stefania is resilient, tenacious, determined and positive. She is a light for her coworkers and family, and the epitome of inspiration. Her beaming, contagious smile is only the surface of her uplifting personality. Stefania is a go-getter; she exercises twice a week, holds two competitive employment positions, maintains a social life, and she believes she can do more and is constantly setting new goals. Her productivity isn’t hindered by her disability (Cerebral Palsy) and she doesn’t plan on slowing down.



Jackie strongly believes that education has power and she enforces this belief by acting as a teacher for individuals with developmental disabilities. She is eloquent, extroverted, knowledgeable and intent on living her life as “neurotypically” as possible with a diagnosis of autism. She has been successful in her pursuit of her goals, and boasts a very full life attributed to her determination and through the supports and services she receives from Alta California Regional Center (ACRC).



Received the 2019 Disability Employment Awareness Award

Dom might use a wheelchair, but his heart is in the community. Through his dedication and discipline, Dom has been able to live his dream of a career in law enforcement. His passion for protecting the community was recognized when he received the 2019 Disability Employment Awareness Award.



Public Speaker and Self-Advocate

There are many things that make Zach so great, but he prides himself on being a public speaker, a self-advocate, and a man with a vision to inspire others to pursue their passions. This is all evident through his confidence; the way he carries himself, his eloquent speaking and the passion in his voice when he talks about his ambitions. Zach is no ordinary man and he plans to show the world why he isn’t ordinary, and why his voice needs to be heard.




Meet Layne, a senior at Bella Vista High School and second year Varsity cheerleader!  Layne brings smiles to her teammates, family, friends, and everyone she meets. She has been a cheerleader since she was 9 years old and has been a client of Alta California Regional Center since birth.  In addition to cheerleading, Layne participates in the Special Olympics and enjoys singing and dancing.

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Artist Extraordinaire

Taylor is a soft spoken, 26 year old young man who lives in Marysville and has been drawing and creating art since he was very young.  It is his passion, and he spends hours a day working on it.   He draws mythical-looking creatures, super-hero type creatures and cartoon people, but he says he enjoys drawing dragons most of all.  

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Richard (Rick)

Rap Artist

Richard (Rick)

Richard who prefers to be called Rick, has kicked off 2018 with a bang – he has released his first rap album! The lyrics and beat in Rick’s rap songs offer a unique outlook into his life experiences, what he is grateful for, and what he is working towards. He even wrote a song called, “I Thank God” about his appreciation for the services and support arranged through Alta California Regional Center!



Builds Own Computer

Jack is a young man with ASD who celebrated his 16th birthday in September. He is very talented with computers and computer gaming, and became interested in building one himself.  Through the process, he practiced comparison shopping by researching the costs of individual parts and recording them into an Excel spreadsheet; both full price and sale prices so he could predict what the total cost would be.  He wanted to get the best deals out there!  Once he had all the parts he needed, he built his computer all by himself.



Motivated Employee

Vincent is a very motivated individual and has recently found a new job as a dishwasher and a polisher (polishes silverware and rolls in the napkins) at Season’s 52 located at 1689 Arden Way, Sacramento. He is very proud of getting this job on his own and the work he does. He reports he works five days a week and earns a competitive wage with some nice benefits.

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Jillian couldn’t be more excited to start out her future as an actress by getting a part in her first college play.  She played the part of Rose in Triangle, a play by Laurie Brooks. Even though she is a person with cerebral palsy, it does not hold her back from pursuing a place in the entertainment industry.

She started attending Cosumnes River College in 2013 and one of her professors, Cary Babka, helped her to overcome her fear of performing in front of a camera.  She shared “Cary is one of my favorite and is a pleasure to learn from.”

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Saved for a Dream Vacation!

Jason is 37 years old and lives in the Rosemont area.  He enjoys being on the go, socializing, and traveling.  Over the past few years, he has been on numerous trips to nearby destinations such as San Francisco, Vegas and Los Angeles. 

Last October he decided to step it up a notch and take a vacation to the Philippines with his care provider and another resident.  It was the trip of a lifetime!! 

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Business Owner

Steven owns and operates Puros Churros, a small business selling delicious churros and tamales. Steven sells at numerous festivals and events throughout Yolo County. He has participated in Davis Pride, the Davis Friendship Festival, the Cartintas Festival and the Earthquake Festival.

 Among his many responsibilities, Steven shops for vending supplies, records his finances, markets his business and researches potential events to sell at. Steven’s mom runs the food production side of the business and makes their famous homemade churro dough..

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Opening Doors to Employment

Kailee is a talented young woman who just happens to be on the spectrum.  Her hopes of finding a job are not unlike anyone else’s, except with neuro diverse issues, the traditional path to employment is often sabotaged during the job interview.  Despite the fact that many individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are capable of exceptional job performance (dedicated, polite, follow rules, not overly social and are content with repetitive tasks) employers sometimes fail to see the potential and see only the social awkwardness presented.




Need a singer for an event you’re holding?  Michael may be your man!  Michael was diagnosed with autism about the time he was entering school and discovered early on that he could hear music better than words.  He didn’t talk much but loved to play musical instruments like the violin, drums, song flute, trumpet, keyboard and piano.

Michael’s family would dance and sing with him and he and his sister, Pagette, would listen to records, then later to tapes and CD’s; he was happiest when there was music playing.  



Completes a Triathlon

Benjamin is a young man who has set goals for himself and has worked hard to achieve them.  He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP) after a brush with death at birth.   Doctors told his mom that he would never talk or walk but he proved them wrong by saying his first words at age four; the following year he took his first steps.

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The AWESOME - Mobile

Scouting has always been a part of Jon’s life.  His mom, Kitty, was the leader for his older sister Amanda’s Girl Scout troop so he was always present when the meetings were held at their home. One day when he was young, he decided he’d had enough of the girl stuff and asked, “Mom, can we have a Girl Scout troop, but with ALL BOYS?”  He was happy to learn there was such a thing as Boy Scouts!  



Active and Hard Working

Jennifer, a 23 year-old regional center client, recently participated in the Project Search internship at Kaiser while a student at Laurel Ruff School.  Jennifer interned in the operating room, lab, and intensive care unit.  She was given clearance for special access areas of the hospital and was able to watch operations.