Josh is a on track to work as in a church and became passionate about pursuing the ministry through his church, Bayside Granite Bay. His interest in ministry began through the community he made at church, and the passion he felt when he would serve and volunteer. He enjoyed being a resource for newcomers and welcoming them into the space. Currently, Josh attends SUM Bible College and is studying theology and ministry. His goal was to further serve the church and learn more about the Bible. In two years, Josh will graduate with a bachelor’s in theology and plans to continue serving his church.

In addition to his education, Josh holds an internship at Bayside Granite Bay where he is able to work and expand his skills in a variety of the church’s departments. He has worked in print, production and enjoys helping the church set up sound and equipment to ensure a smooth-running service. Having the internship has taught him flexibility and helps him build his social skills. He also feels loved, supported, and included in the working environment.

Outside of school and his internship, Josh is athletic and likes to spend his free time exercising. He goes to the gym to lift weights and do cardio, along with playing basketball. Josh plays in a league with players that are 40+ years old; even though he is 24. Being a part of the league has given him camaraderie, friendship, and wisdom that he learns from the older players. Ever resourceful, Josh likes to keep track of the team’s improvements over time.