Service Coordinator


Markley has a unique mixed caseload as a Service Coordinator where she serves clients who have committed crimes, along with those who have not committed crimes. Her passion for criminal justice started early on, when she served as a probation officer for Sacramento County from 2017-2019. Markley attended California State University, Sacramento, and received a bachelor’s in criminal justice in 2019. However, she realized that she wanted to work in social work and help those with criminal backgrounds or are currently on diversion plans.

For clients on diversion plans, Markley supports them in the process of getting the crime removed from their record without jail time. These crimes are commonly low-level and committed by first time offenders. Markley helps clients stay on track and not participate in more misconduct, and advocates for them to be a positive member in their community.

Markley has worked at Alta California Regional Center since 2022, and has enjoyed the diversity throughout the workplace and within her caseload. She loves meeting people from different cultures and being able to help clients achieve their goals. Markley feels the impact that she has had in her job, particularly with one client that committed a crime but has turned their life around and remains in compliance with the law and probation. Knowing that she was a part of the process to rectify the client’s life brings satisfaction to her role.

Pride Month is important for Markley because it reminds her of what she went through to accept being gay. It wasn’t until she was a sophomore in high school that she came out, and Markley found it difficult because she didn’t know what it meant to be gay, or how to come to terms with her sexuality. She attended the Pride March in 2015, the same year that same-sex marriage was legalized, and it was then that she felt accepted and had the knowledge to accept who she is. Pride Month is a bright, colorful month, and Markley is happy to be a part of the community.