TikTok Star


From a young age, Carter’s parents knew he was exceptionally bright. He was always interested in letters and numbers, and from as early as 2 and a half, Carter was able to write and read big words. It wasn’t until he was 3 that his parents learned his condition was called hyperlexia (early reading). His talents expanded further when Carter was taught mental math in 2020. Afterwards, he shifted his interests from reading to doing math, completely in his head!

Carter’s twin sister, Izzy, loved posting videos on TikTok and decided to encourage her family to post a video of Carter doing a mental math problem. Their video focused on Carter being given a problem which he would solve in his head as his fingers traced imaginary number patterns, while the parents held a calculator in hand for viewers to see. Of course, Carter’s answer was exactly what you would see on the calculator! His video went viral and now he and his family like to create videos for fun featuring Carter’s talents. Their TikTok account can be found @carbellatwinz.

Besides his successful TikTok account, Carter enjoys playing sports like swimming and gymnastics. He taught himself to swim at the age of 3 as he is an avid lover of being in the water. He has participated in gymnastics since he was 4 years old. Carter is also in school in special education classes, but he gets pulled out for general education math classes and has acted as a tutor for his peers. He even helps his teacher grade math papers!

Despite his TikTok fame, Carter is humble and happy to be doing what he loves and is unaware that he is loved by 330K+ followers. His parents are also proud that Carter can be a positive source of representation as a member of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community and they believe it is important to educate their children on their heritage and respecting your fellow human being.