Comic Book Artist


Jasim is a talented comic book artist and student. He has advocated for his inclusion in society and socially participates in the classroom and community. Through inclusion he has surpassed many of his academic goals in the school setting and recognizes the importance of being valued and appreciated.

Jasim has achieved significant milestones in his academic growth. At the beginning of his 7th grade year, he was reading at a 3rd grade level. Now, he is close to an 8th grade reading level and he is doing grade level math and algebra and receives compliments on his math skills! Jasim participates in class conversations and has become much more social. He plays violin for the school orchestra and is a part of a committee in which 8th graders help mentor younger students in academics and any other support they need. In addition to his academic and philanthropic achievements, Jasim has played basketball for two years and participated in track since 3rd grade.

Before Jasim could make these academic achievements, he had to advocate for his right to be in a general education classroom. Jasim’s mother believed he would perform better in general education and just needed the resources to flourish. Thanks to the help of their Service Coordinator, they established resources that would help Jasim grow and be able to integrate into a general education setting. He has overcome discrimination against his race and disability and has proven that being in general education classrooms was better for his academic and social development.

Since he was seven years old, Jasim has expressed himself through drawing. He had a developmental language delay but he could express his thoughts and feelings through drawing comics. He enjoys making his own characters and drawing the character’s actions in fantasy scenarios that often mimic Jasim’s own anxiety or concerns and shows a lot of internal meaning. His goal is to publish a comic book but for now he enjoys sharing them with his friends and family.

Autism Awareness Month is important to him because acceptance and understanding is integral to his success. Being integrated socially and being a part of the same groups as his peers is what will contribute to his success as a student and as an adult.