Proud Member of the Yurok Tribe


Will is a proud card-carrying Native American of Yurok, a northern California tribe and is a client of Alta California Regional Center. He has visited the reservation and enjoys interacting with his community. His tribe is known for being experts at fishing and were the first people to build canoes for both fresh and salt water. They also are creative basket weavers, some of which were featured in an exhibit at the Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco.  

At 10 years old, Will learned about his Native American heritage from his father who 
taught him that it is inappropriate for him to play games like “Cowboys and Indians” 
because its insensitive. Afterwards, his parents always encouraged him to be a part of 
his heritage and fully participate.  

Recently, Will attended the Salmon Festival where he was able to meet his relatives, 
participate in fishing, playing sports and games, and engaging in activities like basket 
weaving while enjoying the singing and dancing. He established a goal to learn his 
native language to deepen his connection with his people. 

As Will immerses himself, he has taken on important cultural customs. He recognizes 
the importance of conservation and sees trees as life giving and sacred. His people 
never overfish or overharvest to respect nature and their spiritual beliefs. He is proud of his ancestry and Indigenous People’s Day means for him that no one can judge him 
based on his heritage.