Honorary Flight Attendant


If there is a person who is meant to be in the sky, it is Tracy. Her kind heart and loving personality make peoples’ hearts soar. Tracy is an honorary flight attendant and enjoys working for Southwest. She has made many friends and constantly seeks new experiences to learn and grow from.

In 2018, Tracy began her journey as an Honorary Flight Attendant. While on a Southwest flight back home from Texas, after visiting her brother with her parents, Tracy met a flight attendant on board named Vicki. They talked often while on the flight, with Vicki bringing extra snacks. Tracy briefly mentioned that she wished she could be a flight attendant. After the flight ended, Tracy asked Vicki if they could take a picture together and it was the dawn of a new friendship.

After Vicki asked Tracy and her family for their address, she would frequently send post cards from places she had traveled. Then one day Vicki asked them all to meet for lunch where Tracy was presented her Wings, which is a Southwest name tag in the shape of wings, making her an honorary flight attendant. Tracy was so excited, she cried, but little did she know her world was going to open up. Vicki asked Tracy if she would be willing to work an evening flight from Sacramento to Seattle. With excitement, Tracy said yes!

Once she arrived to the airport with her parents to work the evening flight, Tracy was greeted by CBS Sacramento 13 and photographers from Southwest. It was a touching moment for Tracy as she wore her attendant uniform and was excited for the opportunity. When she boarded the plane, Tracy saw decorations with signage welcoming her. Her parents even had the best seats on the flight and got to witness all of Tracy’s wonderful work. She fulfilled all of her attendant duties and had quite the successful flight. Three months later Tracy was flown to Southwest Headquarters in Dallas where she and Vicki were presented the Winning Spirit Award by the Southwest CEO and President

This first working flight was the beginning of Tracy’s career in the skies. Every time her and her family fly, she works the flight. She has made so many beautiful friendships and cherishes every moment. It has allowed her to work with other departments for Southwest, such as the customer service department. When Southwest introduced their direct from Sacramento to Hawaii flights in 2019, Tracy, her parents, and special surprise appearance from Vicki, were aboard the first flight there. Southwest welcomed them with a royal treatment upon their arrival.

Her time in the skies has given her the opportunity to copilot a plane. Thanks to her friend Vicki, Tracy was introduced to a retired pilot who invited her to copilot his plane to Willows and gifted his pilot hat to her. Upon their return from Willows, Tracy and her family were greeted with another celebration at the Sacramento International Airport with a warm welcome from media channels to commend her on her flight.

Tracy with the bracelets she designedBesides being a seasoned flight attendant, Tracy is an artist who creates beaded bracelets. She makes them to sell and then donates the money to the Down Syndrome Society along with making them in Southwest colors to share with other flight attendants. In addition to her philanthropic efforts, Tracy and Vicki were featured in Women’s World Magazine. A catchphrase they always say to each other is “girl power” with raised fists in the air, wearing matching bracelets Tracy made. Truly, Tracy is a living example of Women’s History.