Self-Determination Program

What is the Self-Determination Program?


In October of 2013, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed into law the Self-Determination Program (SDP), which will provide regional center clients and their families with a new option. As authorized in Welfare and Institutions Code, Section 4685.8, “the Self-Determination Program is a voluntary delivery system consisting of a mix of services and supports, selected and directed by a participant through person-centered planning, in order to meet the objectives in his or her Individual Program Plan (IPP). Self-determination services and supports are designed to assist the participant to achieve personally defined outcomes in community settings that promote inclusion.”

The law requires that before this program can be made available, the State of California, through the Department of Developmental Services, submits an application for the federal government to approve the Self Determination Program (SDP) Waiver. Once the SDP Waiver application is approved by the federal government, participation in the SDP will be able to begin. The State of California has tentatively identified January 31, 2018 as the submission date of the SDP Waiver application to the federal government.

Once the application is received by the federal government, a period of public comment and review will begin; we do not yet have an estimated date when this program will be implemented.

DDS has developed informational materials for  regional center to use as a guide to introduce the program to their communities. These materials are posted here for your review.

DDS will make the final selection of participants.

Three years after the start of the pilot program, the opportunity for any eligible client, outside of the Early Start Program, will be permitted to choose Self-Determination as an option. 

Information Resources in Multiple Languages 

SDP Flyer - Chinese
SDP Flyer - English
SDP Flyer - Hmong
SDP Flyer - Laotian
SDP Flyer - Russian
SDP Information PowerPoint - Arabic
SDP Information PowerPoint - Chinese (Simplified)
SDP Information PowerPoint - Chinese (Traditional)
SDP Information PowerPoint - English
SDP Information PowerPoint - Hmong
SDP Information PowerPoint - Japanese
SDP Information PowerPoint - Korean
SDP Information PowerPoint - Laotian
SDP Information PowerPoint - Russian
SDP Information PowerPoint - Spanish
SDP Information PowerPoint - Tagalog
SDP Information PowerPoint - Vietnamese
SDP Narrated Meeting – English


How to Enroll

While Self-Determination Program (SDP) process continues, there are opportunities for clients and/or their families to express an interest in being considered for the initial 3 year roll-out of the program.

If you are interested in this program and would like to add your name to the list of people interested in participating in the initial roll-out , please contact your ACRC Service Coordinator.  Starting in January 2018, you will be required by DDS to attend an SDP Informational Meeting prior to consideration.


Current Participants of the Self-Determination Program

The Self Determination Program (SDP) has begun! As a reminder, the SDP will begin with 2,500 clients state-wide chosen by the  Department of Developmental Services (DDS). The number of client chosen to participate from ACRC catchment area is 179.  

 The names of the participants for the first three years were identified on October 1, 2018 and were notified, via a letter sent by the DDS.  To continue in the program, participants were required to attend an SDP Orientation and confirm their decision.