Financial Resources



CalABLE is a savings and investment plan offered by the state of California to individuals with a disability. Eligible individuals, family, friends, and employers can contribute up to $15,000 a year without affecting the beneficiary’s public disability benefits. Beneficiaries who work can contribute even more to their accounts. Earnings on qualified withdrawals from a CalABLE account are federal and California state tax-free.


Qualify for Medicare Earlier

for people with impaired vision or blindness

People with impaired vision or blindness can qualify earlier for Medicare. Medicare Plans helps individuals who have impaired vision or are blind answer questions about Medicare eligibility, coverage, and enrollment. They also share additional resources for people with vision disabilities to help them navigate their Medicare options.


Lending Works Inc.

Loans for People with Disabilities to Invest in their Businesses

Lending works Inc. provides interest free micro-enterprise loans to adults with  developmental disabilities. These loans finance start-up costs for self-employment and to assist in expanding a small business.


  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age,
  • are clients of Alta Regional Center,
  • or residents of California.

Learn more about their loan application rules.


California Property Tax Postponement Program

Do you or a loved one need help keeping up with residential property tax payments?

The Property Tax Postponement Program (PTP) allows eligible houseowners to postpone property taxes on a primary residence. To be eligible:

  • be at least 62 years of age, or blind, or have a disability;
  • own and occupy the home as your primary place of residence;
  • have a total household income of $45,810 or less;
  • have at least 40 percent equity in the property;
  • other requirements.

Learn more by reviewing the PTP document.


Lending Library for Chromebooks

ACRC obtained a limited number of Chromebooks available for clients and families who have an identified need for a device in order to participate in web-based services such as email, video meetings (IPPs, IFSPs, ISPs, IEPs, etc.), online therapies, accessing information from the web and/or applying for generic resources. The borrower can keep the equipment for up to three months, with monthly renewal if continuing need is confirmed by their Service Coordinator (SC).

Learn about eligibility requirements. Read the user agreements.