Self Determination Advisory Committee Call for Proposals


Purpose: The Self Determination Advisory Committee (SDAC) is looking for creative proposals and ideas from October 2022 to fiscal year 2024 to support Alta California Regional Center clients with transitioning into the Self Determination Program. We want to hear from you!

Eligibility: Seeking proposals from service providers, contractors, organizations, company, or self-advocates willing to provide training, services, or supports for clients interested in or pursuing the Self Determination Program.

Examples of Areas of Need for Proposals:

  • Recruitment and training of independent facilitators, ideally but not exclusively with a focus on increasing the number of bilingual, bicultural independent facilitators.
  • Joint training for participants, families, regional centers, LVAC members and others with a focus on training self-advocates and families from diverse communities that are under-represented in the Self Determination Program.
  • Assistance with spending plan development; and,
  • Collaborative groups/workshops to foster ongoing, shared learning and problem-solving opportunities.

This list is not exhaustive and other areas could also be proposed that are in alignment with the Department of Developmental Services Directive provided the goals of the proposal increase service access and equity, reduce disparities, and ease implementation of the Self Determination Program. 

Please email proposals to Initial decisions to be made in early February for fiscal year 2022/23 and on an ongoing basis for fiscal year 2023/24.