Person-Centered Planning


For Self-Determination Program (SDP) participants, the individual program plan (IPP) must be developed utilizing a person-centered-planning process. 

Person-centered planning is about the individual’s future and reaching their goals. The process should be driven by the individual and reflect what is important to and for that person. Person-centered planning can include other people, such as family or friends, only if the individual chooses to include them in the process. Once the individual has made choices about what they want and need, the IPP is written based on their decisions. The IPP lays out the their goals and what is needed to reach those goals, including necessary services and supports.

The individual or organization providing person-centered planning services are expected to demonstrate they have received training or certification in the person-centered facilitation process. If the selected individual or organization has been trained in any specific approaches (Planned Facilitation, Liberty Plans, MAPs, etc) the participant has the option to request and receive proof of such training.