Am I Eligible?


Eligibility Information

ACRC serves people of all ages with developmental disabilities including high-risk infants, infants with a significant developmental delay or an established risk for developmental disability.

If you think you, your child, or someone you know may be at risk for or may have a developmental disability, please review this information and contact our regional center.


How to Apply for Services – Persons Under Age 3 Years

To make a referral to the Early Start program for early intervention services, please contact the Early Intervention Intake Coordinators at 916-978-6249.


How to Apply for Services – Persons Age 3 Years and Over

To apply for Alta California Regional Center services and/or to make referrals for persons over three years of age who are suspected of having a developmental disability, please call: 916-978-6317 the Intake Line or you may click the link below:
Apply Here

Once you click the link, please fill in your mailing Zip Code to continue with the process.


What is a Developmental Disability?
Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and Autism

A developmental disability is defined in state and federal law as intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autism. Other substantially disabling conditions closely related to intellectual disability or which require treatment similar to the treatment required by persons with intellectual disability may be eligible for services.