Independent Facilitator


Participants in the Self-Determination Program may choose an Independent Facilitator to help them in the following ways:

  • Assisting the individual with making informed decisions regarding their individual budget
  • Locating, accessing and coordinating services and supports consistent with the participant’s individual program plan (IPP)
  • Identifying immediate and long-term needs and developing options to meet those needs
  • Leading, participating, and/or advocating on behalf of participants in the person-centered planning process and development of the IPP
  • Obtaining identified services and supports

It is not required that an independent facilitator have a certification or licensure. However, an independent facilitator is required to receive training in the principles of self-determination, the person-centered planning process, and the other responsibilities consistent with coordination of services for consumers’ individual program plans.

The State Council on Developmental Disabilities Orange County office has a self-paced IF training in Spanish and English that consists of 7 modules and each module is about 15 minutes. We see this as a beginning point, but not the end point, and we encourage all who participate to seek out additional trainings and resources especially on the person centered planning process. This training should be used as a supplement to additional trainings, but not as the sole training toward becoming an IF.

The 7th module is a video vignette of current IF’s, including a self-advocate IF, that provides some insight, tips, and resources to those looking to become an IF.


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