Housing and Living Options


The Client Advisory Committee created a video on the importance of housing available to watch.


Community Housing Development Advocates

The Disability Housing Alliance (DHA) is a newly formed group of parents and family members, self-advocates, and organizations who are dedicated to increasing housing options for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).  The group includes Future For Our Kids, Alta California Regional Center (ACRC), State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD), Housing Now, and Placer Independent Resource Services (PIRS).  Future For Our Kids is the point of contact for the group and


Multi-Family Housing Development

Are you a Housing Developer?

Alta California Regional Center serves individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. We serve over 29,000 clients across 10 counties. Our Mission is to create partnerships to support all eligible individuals with developmental disabilities, children at risk, and their families in choosing services and supports through individual lifelong planning as a means to achieve healthy and productive lives in their own communities. 



Looking for Housing

Where an adult with a developmental disability lives varies from person to person depending on factors such as the desire and skill level of the individual, and what is common in the family’s culture.