Regional Center Funding


Alta California Regional Center (ACRC), like all regional centers, is funded by the state of California, specifically through the State Department of Developmental Services (DDS). ACRC is a private-nonprofit corporation which operates under an annual contract with the DDS. All of the regional center funds come from your tax dollars.

The money ACRC receives from the DDS is called a contract allocation or budget.  ACRC receives the preliminary allocation of the budget in July and then receives periodic amendments to the budget throughout the year.  The budget has two “pots” of money: Operations, which pays for operating the regional center (employee salaries, benefits and operating expenses) and accounts for about 11% of the total budget, and Purchase of Service (POS) which pays for services and supports bought for eligible clients and which accounts for about 89% of ACRC’s budget.

There is no charge for services rendered during assessment for eligibility, diagnosis, or case management.  The State of California currently requires some parents of children who are under the age of 18 and who receive services paid for by the regional center, to pay a fee or a share of cost for some services, depending on family size and income.  Click here to learn more about these fees.