National Core Indicators Survey

The National Core Indicators (NCI) Survey gives individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families the opportunity to voluntarily and confidentially participate in surveys to share their experiences on access to and use of regional center and community services.

Survey responses help California learn how it is doing compared to other states.

Survey responses help the regional centers see what they are doing well and what they can improve.


Community Resource Development Plan – Development Priorities

for Fiscal Year 2022-2023

The 2017 Budget Trailer Bill, Assembly Bill 107, amended WIC Section 4418.25 and added WIC Section 4679, authorizing the Department of Developmental Services – when it determines that sufficient funding has been appropriated and reserved for a fiscal year for purposes of the Community Placement Plan (CPP)  – to allocate the remaining CPP funds to regional centers for purposes of community resource development to address services and supports needs of consumers living in the community.  


Conflict of Interest Policy

Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) has a conflict-of-interest policy to assure that employees and members of the Board of Directors avoid any conflict of interest. Laws governing the regional centers require that any potential or present conflict of interest that cannot be eliminated must be submitted to the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) with a plan that proposes mitigation measures. The DDS must follow a process as stipulated in Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations to review and approve proposed mitigation measures.


Lanterman Appeals Process

For Clients or Applicants Age 3 and Older

The Lanterman Appeals Process is for resolving disputes with a regional or developmental center about eligibility or the nature, scope, or amount of services and supports. This process is not to be used by consumers to resolve issues related to denials of rights.