Board Member Pledge

General information

As a Board Member I pledge…

  • To treat each member as an equal, respecting their opinions, personality, culture, diversity and experience.
  • I will listen to all comments, questions and opinions with an open mind.
  • I will maintain a high level of confidentiality and will concentrate on the issues at hand.
  • I will place service above self, focusing on my charge as a Board Member to implement the vision and mission of the regional center to provide quality supports and services to our consumers.

As a Board, we agree…

  • to speak with one voice, instilling honesty, integrity, openness, commitment and dedication to duty in each member.
  • We will come to the Board with a positive attitude and create a safe haven for open discussion.
  • As a Board, we will continue to strive for excellence, mentoring each other and becoming an active partner in the Alta California Regional Center community, state and nation.