Provider Advisory Committee


Alta California Regional Center’s Board of Directors receives input from a variety of important subcommittees, one of which is the Provider Advisory Committee (PAC). The PAC is comprised of service providers contracted with Alta from ACRC’s ten-county area.

The Provider Advisory Committee shall provide advice, guidance, recommendations, and technical assistance to the regional center board in order to assist the regional center in carrying out its mandated functions.

The Provider Advisory Committee shall consist of a minimum of five and a maximum of twenty-five members approved by the Board of Directors to reflect the geographical distribution and diversified representation of providers of purchased services. 

Here you can access Provider Advisory Committee 2021-22 meeting schedule.

ACRC Provider Advisory Committee Outreach Letter from Chair, Eric Ciampa 


Submitting Vendor Trainings

To submit vendor trainings, they must be:

  • Available to the ACRC community
  • Of interest and pertinent to ACRC vendor community
  • Located within the ACRC region
  • Submitted by ACRC vendored organizations

Postings must include: