Deaf+ Resources


ASL Weekend

Two-Day Workshops for Parents, Families, and Professionals

Take your ASL skills to the next level!

American Society for Deaf Children’s ASL Weekend is a unique two-day workshop taking place in two locations for parents, professionals, and anyone interested in learning American Sign Language. It is a fun, interactive weekend full of activities and discussions that will give you in-depth support as you learn and master ASL. 

It’s a great way to get personalized instruction and meaningful practice to help you sign with confidence!


Service Access and Equity Policy

It shall be the policy of Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) to make active efforts to enhance service access and equity (SAE) in all agency actions impacting client services. ACRC serves a richly diverse community with varied cultural perspectives and languages. ACRC will proactively identify and provide access to resources to ensure equity among all members of our community.