The State of California has determined there are some circumstances in which families may be required to pay a fee or share of cost for services received through the regional centers.  


Family Cost Participation Program

Implementing the Family Co-Pay Program

In 2004, the State of California passed a law that requires parents to share the cost of certain services purchased for their children with developmental disabilities ages 3 through 17 by regional centers. The law does not apply to all families and it only applies to a few services: respite, day care, and camping. ACRC will notify you if you qualify under the FCPP guidelines, and will work with you to determine your share of cost for these limited services.


Parental Fee Program (PFP)

In 1989, the State of California implemented the Parental Fee Program.  It requires that parents of children under the age of 18 who live outside of the family home shall be assessed for a parental fee based on their ability to pay as determined by an income assessment completed by the State Department of Developmental Services.

Who Is Required to Participate?

The Parental Fee Program only applies to families that meet the following criteria: