Applying for Services and Intake Process

Persons 3 and Over


To apply for Alta California Regional Center services and/or to make referrals for persons over three years of age who are suspected of having a developmental disability, please call: 916-978-6317 the Intake Line or you may click the link below:
Apply Here

Once you click the link, please fill in your mailing Zip Code to continue with the process.

Intake Process

Any resident of our ten-county service area who is suspected of having a developmental disability may be referred to the regional center. The first contact with the regional center will generally be through the Intake Unit which may be called directly at 916-978-6317.

An Intake Coordinator will then arrange for a more in-depth interview to determine if an applicant is appropriate for the intake process. As necessary and appropriate, an Intake Counselor will assist the applicant through the Intake process. These Intake Counselors are specially trained to provide applicants with information, assist with diagnosis, provide crisis intervention if necessary, and develop a psychosocial assessment of the applicant’s unique history and situation. This counselor will arrange, if appropriate, for the applicant to meet with other specialists for further diagnostic assessments.

All of the information secured during the Intake process will be used to determine eligibility for regional center services. Eligibility determination is accomplished by a Multi-Disciplinary Team comprised of a physician, a psychologist, and a social worker.

Once a person is determined to be eligible for regional center services, he or she is designated a regional center client and is assigned a Service Coordinator who will provide ongoing case management services. The service coordinator will arrange a meeting with the client, family, and any other person the family or client would like to have there. During this meeting, an Individual Program Plan (or IPP), based on individual needs and desires will be developed. The Service Coordinator will then work with the family to implement this plan.