Transparency & Public Information


In an effort to promote transparency and timely public access to information as outlined by California Welfare & Institutions Code 4629, the following information is posted for your reference.


AB 637 Proposal

Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) has continued tireless efforts to recruit and maintain quality licensed psychologist vendors to provide Intellectual and/or Autism evaluations. These evaluations are essential in the review for regional center eligibility. While ACRC does maintain staff psychologists, the referral volume far exceeds the evaluation capacity of our staff. With a recent average of 149 monthly client applicant referrals, we depend on having qualified psychologist vendors available to provide these evaluations.


Conflict of Interest

Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) has a conflict of interest policy to assure that employees and members of the Board of Directors avoid any conflict of interest.  Laws governing the regional centers require that any potential or present conflict of interest that cannot be eliminated must be submitted to the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) with a plan that proposes mitigation measures. The DDS must follow a process as stipulated in Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations to review and approve proposed mitigation measures.


Cultural Diversity

Through annual stakeholder meetings ACRC is working to identify barriers to equitable access to services and supports among consumers and develop recommendations to help reduce disparities in purchase of service expenditures. ACRC is continuing its efforts to identify best practices to reduce disparity and promote equity.


National Core Indicators (NCI)

What are National Core Indicators

The National Core Indicators (NCI) Survey gives individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families the opportunity to voluntarily and confidentially participate in surveys to share their experiences on access to and use of regional center and community services.


Rights, Advocacy, and Appeals

It is the mission of Alta California Regional Center to assist persons with developmental disabilities, including infants at risk and their families by providing and securing those services and supports necessary to maximize opportunities and choices.

It is our belief that the principal test of the success of the Alta California Regional Center is the extent to which it enhances the quality of individual and family life and improves the client’s and the family’s satisfaction with the services received from or through the Regional Center.