Additional Information


Provider SIR Summaries to DRC

Effective June 27, 2016, Assembly Bill (AB) 1606 resulted in the expansion of special incident reporting requirements, as established within Section 4659.2(b) of the Welfare and Institutions code.  This legislation requires regional center vendors that provide crisis or residential services, supported living services, long-term health care facilities, and acute psychiatric hospitals to report certain incidents to Disability Rights California, in addition to the Regional Center.


Service Provider Independent Audits and Reviews

Request an Exemption

Under current law, service providers who are paid an amount more than or equal to $500,000 but less than $2 million in the vendor’s fiscal year from regional center payments shall be required to obtain an independent  review conducted by a CPA firm. Providers that are paid by regional centers an amount equal to or more than $2 million shall obtain an independent audit of its financial statements.  Please review the DDS memo to learn more and determine if your organization requires an audit or review.


Shared Information

It is a common practice for service providers to use the SIR Report to communicate client-involved incidences that ACRC categorizes as “Shared Information”. In an effort to increase the timeliness and accuracy of SIR Reporting, ACRC has recently updated our Shared Information Procedure and created a Shared Information Form to be submitted directly to the assigned Service Coordinator (not the SIR Desk) when reporting a Shared Information.


Holiday Schedule

This schedule recognizes most all of the national holidays. ACRC suggests that regional center day programs, programs that operate on schedules like day programs as well as transportation providers adopt this schedule in order to provide consistency.

The following programs may be impacted by the Holiday schedule: