Holiday Schedule


This schedule recognizes most all of the national holidays. ACRC suggests that regional center day programs, programs that operate on schedules like day programs as well as transportation providers adopt this schedule in order to provide consistency.

The following programs may be impacted by the Holiday schedule:

  • work activity programs
  • activity centers
  • adults development centers
  • behavior management programs
  • social recreational programs
  • adaptive skills trainer
  • infant development programs
  • program support group day services
  • socialization training programs
  • client/parent support behavior intervention training programs
  • community integration training programs
  • community activities support services
  • creative arts programs

Service providers can choose to observe a different holiday schedule but must submit their holiday schedule to the Community Services and Supports Department.  Because service providers may choose to observe a different holiday schedule it is important to check on the availability of transportation when setting an alternative holiday schedule.