Person Centered Practices



Increasing Person Centered Thinking: Improving the Quality of Person Centered Planning Manual

It’s My Choice Workbook (MN Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities)

Progress for Providers (USA Managers) is a practical self-assessment tool for managers and team leaders to use individually and with teams. Check your progress in using person-centered approaches!

Workbook: Living Well in My Community - A collaboration of service providers with Tri-Counties Regional Center (TCRC) has created an HCBS Workbook titled, Living Well In My Community- A Guide to HCBS Standards and Person-Centered Practices. This workbook was created to help people with disabilities and service providers better understand the rights and roles for living well in the community. This can be found on the TCRC web site in three languages and is available for sharing and downloading.

A Workbook for Community and Relationship Building (Northstar Services)

Person Centered Thinking Tools:

Communication Chart
Relationship Map
What's Working/Not Working
Learning Log
People Matching
Donut Sort
Rituals and Routines
2 Minute Drill
Good and Bad Day Sort
Important to and Important For
Like and Admire


This DDS training provides an initial introduction to person-centered thinking and a review of the person-centered service planning requirements specified in the HCBS Final Rule. HCBS Final Rule and How it is Supported by Person-Centered Planning – September 2019

Staff Training – Videos and Workbooks (Excellent!): Every Moment Has Potential

Open Future Learning

Person-Centered Thinking Tools: Trainings by Michael Smull

Friends: Connecting People with Disabilities and Community Members

Person Centered Thinking Resource Guide (will partner well with videos in link above): Teaching the Skills Needed to Support People

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