Community Resource Development Plan – Development Priorities

for Fiscal Year 2022-2023


The 2017 Budget Trailer Bill, Assembly Bill 107, amended WIC Section 4418.25 and added WIC Section 4679, authorizing the Department of Developmental Services – when it determines that sufficient funding has been appropriated and reserved for a fiscal year for purposes of the Community Placement Plan (CPP)  – to allocate the remaining CPP funds to regional centers for purposes of community resource development to address services and supports needs of consumers living in the community.  

The Community Resource Development Plan (CRDP), which is submitted by the regional center to request these funds, must be accompanied by assessments of community capacity and needs for all crisis services.  

ACRC received 109 responses to this year’s CRDP Priorities Survey.

As the result of the stakeholder engagement process, ACRC’s Development Priorities include:

Affordable Housing – 2 Multi Family Home Projects
Statewide Housing Industry Organization
Specialized Adult Residential Facility – Forensic
Specialized Adult Residential Facility – Females
Mental Health Services
Translation Services – American Sign Language