Service Provider Message COVID-19 SIR Reporting


The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) has issued a new Directive regarding the reporting of special incidences related to COVID-19. This Directive supersedes any previous training or correspondence provided by ACRC. On May 22, 2020, the Department of Developmental Services released a Directive on amending SIR Reporting. The directive calls for regional centers and all providers to complete a Special Incident Report (SIR) for any of the following events, even if the incident does not otherwise meet California Code of Regulations, Title 17 reporting:

  • An individual tests positive for COVID-19; 
  • An individual receives medical attention at a hospital, emergency room, or urgent care clinic due to COVID-19 symptoms; or
  • An individual’s death is related to COVID-19, either by confirmed COVID-19 positive testing or by medical diagnosis unconfirmed by testing.

Our current SIR form in use by our providers does not include a box to check for COVID-19. As providers have already been doing, please make sure you note prominently on the SIR form that the SIR is related to COVID-19. Until further notice, discontinue the use of the Shared Information Form and submit all information related to COVID-19 on ACRC’s SIR Form. We would encourage all providers to share as many details that are available in your SIRs and note that Service Coordinators will be contacting you for follow up information to transmit to DDS.  

If you have questions please email the SIR Desk at