Question and Answer Sessions

for the Self-Determination Program


This is an opportunity for those interested in the soon-to-be-expanded Self-Determination Program (SDP) to participate in a number of question and answer sessions. Get answers to your questions about Self-Determination!

Please attend the online SDP Orientation course, as soon as possible, and prior to attending the first Q&A session below. The orientation is a requirement to participate in SDP. Completing this Orientation will give you a basic overview of SDP.

  1. Fulfill the requirement to attend the Self-Determination orientation. Create an account here. Search for “SDP” and choose: Self-Determination Orientation.
  2. View the 1 hour, 15-minute Self-Determination Orientation
  3. Register to join ACRC’s Q&A Session from either 12:00pm – 1:00 pm OR 5:00pm – 6:00pm. Dates and times below:
    • Please note: when signing up for a Question and Answers session, you must choose the date you are interested in by clicking the drop-down menu next to TIME. If you would like to participate in multiple sessions, you will need to register for each one.
2021 Date and Time Topic
March 16 at 12:00pm OR 5:00pm Person Centered Planning
March 30 at 12:00pm OR 5:00pm Home and Community Based Services
April 13 at 12:00pm OR 5:00pm Budget and Spending Plan
April 27 at 12:00pm OR 5:00pm Financial Management Service
May 11 at 12:00pm OR 5:00pm Financial Management Service
May 25 at 12:00pm OR 5:00pm Independent Facilitator
June 8 at 12:00pm OR 5:00pm Success Stories
June 22 at 12:00pm OR 5:00pm Open Question and Answer Session

Translations in Multiple Languages:

Chinese (Simplified)