Individual Family Service Plan


The IFSP for children birth to age 3 is the foundation of services that are family centered. It is based on a child’s strengths and a family’s concerns and priorities. The IFSP is a written plan that is the framework for meeting the unique needs of a child and a family. The IFSP is not a final document; it is an on-going process. For the initial IFSP, the law requires that it be developed within 45 days from a child’s referral for early intervention services. The IFSP meeting is held after the child is assessed by a multi-disciplinary team and the family has the opportunity to share concerns, priorities and resources with all involved people. The IFSP meeting is held at a time and place that is convenient for all persons involved and the family may invite anyone they want to this meeting. The IFSP will be reviewed in 6 months and again annually. A service coordinator is identified on the IFSP who is responsible for coordinating all early intervention services and helping parents to identify and obtain the services and assistance they need to enhance their child’s development.