The Early Start Intake Process

What happens after you are referred?


If you suspect that an infant or toddler has a developmental delay or atypical development then it is important to make a screen and make a referral (evalúe y refiera).

The first step in determining eligibility for the Early Start program is to call the the Early Intervention Intake line at (916) 978-6249 to speak to one of the coordinators. Referrals can be made by a parent, health or education provider, child care or social service provider or a staff person from the NICU or hospital just to name a few.

You will be assigned a Service Coordinator who will help you through the intake process.  It begins with the parent or legal representative providing written consent for evaluation and assessment of the child’s development.

Once the evaluation and assessment process is completed and your child is determined eligible for early intervention services, an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) is developed for your child and family.

The IFSP is the foundation for providing services and support to meet the unique needs of your child and family.  The IFSP document is developed by a team that consist of you, your assigned Service Coordinator and other early intervention service providers.

The IFSP includes the child’s strengths and abilities, the families priorities, concerns and resources and identifes the family’s desired outcomes.

Services are family centered and occur in natural settings (provided in the family home or other community settings) because children learn best when participating in natural learning opportunites that occur in everyday routines and activities as part of family and community life.