Coordinated Future Planning Task Force


ACRC is starting a new initiative, Coordinated Future Planning, to focus on the housing needs of clients residing with aged caregivers.  

The initiative calls on a group of stakeholders: clients, family members, advocates, and service providers to join with regional center staff in both developing and delivering  training to service coordinators. This training will focus on the need for caregiver succession plans for each regional center client, as well as seeking to increase the competencies of service coordinators in discussing a range of living options at individual program plan (IPP) meetings. 

The first step of the initiative is for service coordinators in IPP meetings to collect data on whether regional center clients are living with a primary caregiver aged 70 or older.  Concurrently, service coordinators will ask if there is a plan to provide support when the primary caregiver is no longer able (a caregiver succession plan).  This data will be used to quantify how many clients need written caregiver succession plans, and to assess the effectiveness of this new initiative.  

It is the regional center’s desire that future IPP documents for clients living with aged caregivers will include:

  • a caregiver succession plan
  • documentation of a discussion of a range of living options, to include: residing with family members, legal guardian, foster home, group home, independent living, supported living, residential care, and/or family home agencies as appropriate based on client age and needs.    

Coordinated Future Planning (CFP) Task Force Meeting Minutes:

CFP November 2021 Minutes
CFP October 2021 Minutes
CFP September 2021 Minutes