Coordinated Future Planning (CFP) Training


The CFP Task Force developed training offered to all Alta Service Coordinators.

The learning objectives of the training included:

1. Recognize the benefit of reflecting on your own beliefs about dying and end of life care and the impact that may have on your ability to help others with future life planning.
•dialogue with clients and families, in a culturally respectful, sensitive and humble way,
regarding caregiver succession planning using appropriate language.

2. Articulate the benefit to clients and families of early planning for caregiver succession.

3. Describe a range of living options, including independent living, supported living, family home agencies, and residential care, to clients and their families.
•create a person-centered IPP narrative that captures the wishes of
the client and planning team in relation to future living options.  

4. Share future planning tools that can assist clients and families related to accessing affordable housing, power-of-attorney, special needs trust, CalABLE, conservatorship, and end-of-life care decisions.

You can check out the training materials, a recording of the training and additional resources in the links below:

 Coordinated Future Planning Power Point Training Material

Coordinated Future Planning CFP – YouTube

Client Advisory Committee (CAC) Housing Options – YouTube

Coordinated Future Planning (CFP) brochure