Alta California Regional Center Board of Directors Meeting Thursday, September 26, 2019 – 3:00 P.M.
@ The Historic Cary House Hotel 300 Main Street, Placerville CA 95667


Call to Order                                          

               Introductions – Reading of ACRC’s Mission & Vision

          Consent Agenda

                  a.  Excused Absences

                  b.  Regular Session Minutes of 7/25/19                 

                  c.  Committee Reports (no action items)

          1.  Board Development                                 

          2.  CAC                                                        

          3.  Executive                                                

          4.  Finance                                                   

          5.  PAC                                                                       

                  New Business                      

  1. Community Comments/Announcements

                  b.  Approve New Board Member – Carmen Aguilar

        c.  2020 Performance Contract – receive public input &         approve draft contract with performance measure and planned activities                   

                   d.  Finance Committee                                        

                  1.  Monthly Financial Reports                                                2.  Contracts over $250,000

          e.  Committee Updates                                         

                         1.  Board Development Committee (BDC)

                         2.  Personnel Committee

                          a.  New Executive Director Evaluation – BoardSource

                         3.  Client Advisory Committee (CAC)

               4.  Provider Advisory Committee (PAC)

                  f.  President’s Report – Dan Lake, President           

                  g.  Executive Director’s Report – Phil Bonnet, Executive Director      h.  ARCA Report – Rita Walker, ARCA Rep.                         i.  ARCA-CAC Report – Michelle Rewerts, ARCA-CAC Rep.                                      

   Executive (CLOSED) Session

                         (per W&I Code, Sec. 4663(a)(1),(2),(3),(4),(5))            

                  a.  Consent Agenda                                      

                    1.  Closed Session Board Meeting Minutes of 7/25/19

                  b.  Real Estate

                  c.  Personnel Issues

                            d.  Legal Issues                                            

                 Announcement of Closed Meeting Discussion