Alta California Regional Center Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, November 19, 2020 – 3:45 P.M.


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  Call to Order & Opening Statement

  Training – “Adult Services – Transition from School to Adult Service Options”               

             Introductions – Reading of ACRC’s Mission & Vision

  Community Comments/Announcements     (3 minute maximum)

 ** Consent AgendaThese matters are expected to be routine and non-controversial and are usually approved by a single majority vote without discussion.  Items can be removed from the consent agenda to be discussed and considered separately.                                                             

                  a.  Excused Absences

                  b.  Regular Session Minutes of 9/24/20                  

                  c.  Committee Minutes (no action items)

          1.  Board Development                                 

          2.  CAC                                                        

          3.  Executive                                                

          4.  Finance                                                   

          5.  PAC                                                        

    New Business                      

   ** a.  Approve New Board Members – Kelly Pennington & Jennifer Stratton

   **  b.  Approve Update Whistleblower Policy                

  ** c.  Performance Contract

               2019:  Performance Contract Outcomes         

               2021:  Performance Contract Overview         

   ** d.  Finance Committee

   1.  Monthly Financial Report                          

 e.  Committee Updates

                         1.  Board Development Committee (BDC)

                         2.  Executive Committee

                         3.  Client Advisory Committee (CAC)

               4.  Provider Advisory Committee (PAC)

       f.  President’s Report – Rita Walker, President

       g.  Executive Director’s Report – Phil Bonnet, Executive Director

       h.  ARCA Report – Rita Walker, ARCA Rep.

       i.  ARCA-CAC Report – Michelle Rewerts, ARCA-CAC Rep.

       j.  Correspondence

               1.  ACRC Home & Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waiver, 1915(i) State Plan Amendment, and Targeted Case Management and Nursing Home Reform      Monitoring Review Reports              

                 2.  ACRC’s Plan of Correction for Caseload Ratio Categories     

 ** Executive (CLOSED) Session (per W&I Code, Sec. 4663(a)(1),(2),(3),(4),(5))              

  a. Consent Agenda

            1.  Closed Session Board Development Committee Meeting Minutes

 2.  Closed Executive Session Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

    b.  Real Estate

    c.  Personnel Issues

                  d.  Legal Issues

       Announcement of Closed Meeting Discussion


                                        ** Action item