Alta California Regional Center Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, March 23, 2023 – 4:00 P.M.


Board Meeting attendance is a hybrid model – attendees are welcome in-person or via Zoom (registration below)

Please click this link to register for the event:


Call to Order – Reading of ACRC’s Mission & Vision

Community Comments/Announcements

** Consent Agenda – These matters are expected to be routine and non-controversial and are usually approved by a single majority vote without discussion.  Items can be removed from the consent agenda to be discussed and considered separately. 

     a.  Excused Absences

     b.  Board Minutes of 1/26/23

     c.  Committee Minutes

          1.  Board Development Committee (BDC)

          2.  Client Advisory Committee (CAC)

          3.  Executive

          4.  Finance

          5.  Provider Advisory Committee (PAC)

New Business

  ** a.  Approve Slate of Officers for 2023-24 FY

  ** b.  Approve CAC Chair and Designated Rep to Board for 2023-24 FY

  ** c.  Approve ARCA Letter to Assemblymember Wilson

  ** d.  Finance Committee

          1.  Monthly Financial Report

     e.  Committee Updates

          1.  CAC

          2.  PAC – Chair & Co-Chair/Designated Rep to Board for 2023-24 FY

     f.  President’s Report – Dan Lake, President

     g.  Executive Director’s Report – Lori Banales, Executive Director

     h.  ARCA Report – Kelly Pennington, ARCA Rep.

** Executive (CLOSED) Session (per W&I Code, Sec. 4663(a)(1),(2),(3),(4),(5))

          a.  Legal Issues

          b.  Personnel Issues

          c.  Real Estate Issues

Announcement of Closed Meeting Discussion


                                       ** Action item