Motivated Employee

Vincent is a very motivated individual and has recently found a new job as a dishwasher and a polisher (polishes silverware and rolls in the napkins) at Season’s 52 located at 1689 Arden Way, Sacramento. He is very proud of getting this job on his own and the work he does. He reports he works five days a week and earns a competitive wage with some nice benefits.

A few years ago, he located the Northern California Construction Training Program. He applied on his own and followed through with the program requirements. Happily, Vincent graduated in June of 2016 with a certificate in Construction Management and Technology. At this program, he also obtained certificates in welding, electrical, and sheet rock. He has an aspiration to become a member of the iron workers or sheet metal union and expressed interest in a paid internship in hopes of being hired in a position that pays competitive wages and offers benefits and retirement.