Meet Layne, a senior at Bella Vista High School and second year Varsity cheerleader!  Layne brings smiles to her teammates, family, friends, and everyone she meets. She has been a cheerleader since she was 9 years old and has been a client of Alta California Regional Center since birth.  In addition to cheerleading, Layne participates in the Special Olympics and enjoys singing and dancing.

Layne was recently named “All American”, and she is the first  Down Syndrome Person to receive this honor, the only individual cheerleading award presented.  As a result of her tremendous accomplishment, Layne has an exciting opportunity to participate in the Varsity Thanksgiving Day Parade in Disney World.  Congratulations Layne!

If you would like to support Layne in her effort to participate in the parade you can check out her Go Fund Me page at the link below!