Our Values


We Value … 

Quality Services 

We value an accountable and engaged Board and staff who strive for continuous quality improvement based on best practices in the provision of services and supports for people with developmental disabilities. 

Health, Safety and Well-Being 

We are committed to advocating for the overall wellness of clients by promoting access to quality health care, safe and appropriate housing, safe environments, and healthy choices. 

Individual Rights, Dignity and Respect 

We value the ethnic and cultural diversity of people and commit to treating all people honestly, ethically and with dignity and respect. 

We are committed to enabling each person to develop by recognizing their unique strengths and needs, and by treating each individual with fairness, equality and consideration. 

Access to Life Activities and Experiences 

We value and promote access so that individuals can fully and actively participate in all aspects of life in their own communities, including housing, education, employment and recreation. 

Lifestyle – Inclusion in Community Life 

We value the sharing of knowledge through education and outreach to the community to ensure that all individuals are welcomed and fully included in community life. 

We recognize and value the importance of family, friends and community, and commit to promote family unity, acceptance of individuality in relationships, and full inclusion within our community. 

Choice and Self-Determination 

We are committed to promoting the self-sufficiency of clients and do this in a manner that values, respects and honors individual choice, self-determination, and self-advocacy.