Determined to try everything in life


Evan is 24 years old and lives in South Lake Tahoe. He is a happy, bright, kind, inquisitive, adventurous, and caring young man. Despite a severe brain disorder, along with physical and intellectual disabilities, he is determined to try and master everything in life. He has critical food and drink issues, having no physical or mental desire for either. He has maintained a volunteer job at Grocery Outlet for over 3 years and has earned an employee uniform. This year he has begun learning to prepare his lunch and is showing pride and excitement accepting this responsibility. He is working on his interest in cooking and even cooked and served two meals to his parents. With the assistance of his team, he will be attending a mainstream ceramics class at the community college and will have to face the attitude of the instructor and other students – and the requirements of the class. He is an example for everyone who has had to deal with any type of hardship.