Census 2020

Why and How to Participate


Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau takes a new count and your participation matters! Your information is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL and cannot be used against you in any way. You have until September 30, 2020 to respond to the Census! Act now!

Why participate?
• Everyone counts – only once
• It is mandated in the constitution
• It is about fair representation – the results are used to reapportion seats in the US House of Representatives
• It is about redistricting – state officials redraw boundaries in legislative districts
• It is about the distribution of federal funds $$$
• It affects transportation, care centers, housing, etc.
• It is your civic duty

How to Participate:
YOU can COUNT by submitting via paper form, in-person, on the phone, and starting March 12, 2020, online.

If you are living at home with your family
95% of American households will receive an invitation to respond online via mail. The other 5% will receive the Census Information when a Census Taker drops it off. Less than 1% will be counted in person, and only in very rural areas. 

If you are living in a care facility, or a group home:
The Census calls this “Group Quarters” and it refers to residential schools for people with disabilities, care homes or intermediate care facilities dormitories, correctional facilities, etc.
• Paper form called “Individual Census Questionnaire” is mailed to the individuals residing in the Group Quarter 
• Drop Off, Pick Up by a Census Taker schedules a time to drop off the questionnaire at the facility and then picks it up at a later time
• Group Quarter Self-Counting means the Group Quarter opts to conduct the count of the residents itself

If you are experiencing homelessness:
Please go your local shelters, soup kitchen, regularly scheduled food vans, etc. These all serve as Service Based Counters so you can participate. 
The dates to be counted: 
• March 30 – April 1

How to Respond
• Paper Form
• In-Person
• Phone

Census Mailing Strategy:
• March 12-20: Invitation to respond online
• March 16-24: Reminder letter March 26-April 3: Reminder postcard
• April 1: CENSUS DAY!
• April 8-16: Reminder letter and questionnaire
• April 20-27: Final reminder postcard