Census 2020

Why and How to Participate


Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau takes a new count and your participation matters! Your information is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL and cannot be used against you in any way. 

Why participate?
• Everyone counts – only once
• It is mandated in the constitution
• It is about fair representation – the results are used to reapportion seats in the US House of Representatives
• It is about redistricting – state officials redraw boundaries in legislative districts
• It is about the distribution of federal funds $$$
• It affects transportation, care centers, housing, etc.
• It is your civic duty

How to Participate:
YOU can COUNT by submitting via paper form, in-person, on the phone, and starting March 12, 2020, online.

If you are living at home with your family
95% of American households will receive an invitation to respond online via mail. The other 5% will receive the Census Information when a Census Taker drops it off. Less than 1% will be counted in person, and only in very rural areas. 

If you are living in a care facility, or a group home:
The Census calls this “Group Quarters” and it refers to residential schools for people with disabilities, care homes or intermediate care facilities dormitories, correctional facilities, etc.
• Paper form called “Individual Census Questionnaire” is mailed to the individuals residing in the Group Quarter 
• Drop Off, Pick Up by a Census Taker schedules a time to drop off the questionnaire at the facility and then picks it up at a later time
• Group Quarter Self-Counting means the Group Quarter opts to conduct the count of the residents itself

If you are experiencing homelessness:
Please go your local shelters, soup kitchen, regularly scheduled food vans, etc. These all serve as Service Based Counters so you can participate. 
The dates to be counted: 
• March 30 – April 1

How to Respond
•Paper Form
•Online (starting March 12, 2020)

Census Mailing Strategy:
• March 12-20: Invitation to respond online
• March 16-24: Reminder letter March 26-April 3: Reminder postcard
• April 1: CENSUS DAY!
• April 8-16: Reminder letter and questionnaire
• April 20-27: Final reminder postcard