Budget Deal


Recently, the Legislature approved a Budget deal that includes many critical funding changes that will help our service system. Among other things, their proposal would end family fees, reform the way regional centers are funded, and speed up rate reform for service providers.

Now the final negotiations are underway with the Governor. It’s guaranteed that not every proposal will be in the final Budget that gets signed into law.

So how do we keep these key proposals in? Simple! Call or email the Governor and let him know that funding for developmental disabilities services matters to you! A two-minute call or email could help tip the balance in securing potentially life-changing fixes to our system. Will you spare that time, for all of us?

Support The Budget Agreement!

  1. Got a phone? Call Governor Newsom’s office! 916-445-2841
  2. Introduce yourself and say: “I support the Budget agreement, especially the way it helps people with developmental disabilities. It will end fees on families, modernize regional center funding, and get money to service providers. Thank you for supporting our community!
  3. Rather send an email? Click here for the web contact form.
  4. You can fax a letter to 916-558-3160. Need an idea for a formal letter for your organization to sign? Check out this! (Word Document or Adobe PDF).

4) Forward this email, or share as a webpage, to get the word to your community!